Friday, April 24, 2009

Weather or Not...

Okay, so here we are on party night. Things haven't been as fun lately. We're still working feverishly, though the weather is screwing with us. Today's first half was gorgeous and hot. Early in the evening the wind started comin' in wickedly from the north and some light thunder storms forced us to cover the work site and head indoors. 

We've got a lot to do still and today we were supposed to finish.  Were it not for the weather, it would not have been insane to suggest that we may have hit that mark.  Hopefully things clear up here in the next couple of hours.  It will probably still be miserable outside but we're just gonna have to pull it on through.  

The front wheel assembly is finally in its home, though it still needs to be bracketed in firmly after some hole drilling fun.  The crank shaft is very close to being finished. Today - and it was very exciting - we rolled the piece for the first time.  Off its jack, off the blocks, we rolled it a little and were both amazed at how smooth and easy it rolled.  If th
e weather cooperates and stamina maintains, tonight could be the night, leaving tomorrow for us to install it and pack it up.  

I've got my bike, my backpack, laptop bag and some other little odds and ends.  I am not worried about packing my stuff.  Alisa on the other hand has the better part of her studio here with her, a whole bed of a pickup.  Two electric mitre saws, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, hand saws, grinder, jig saw, two drills, lots of hand tools, lots of materials and supplies.  AND she still has to figure out how she is getting her three or four 12 foot boards of rough sawn oak out of here. 

I know I promised more pictures and I'm sorry to say I don't really have any.  My piece of shit camera eats the AAAs like crazy.  I've been here 2 weeks and have had to replace the batteries THREE TIMES, and as you can clearly witness, I haven't taken all that many pictures. Anyways, during most of the day I had dead batteries. Here's some cool ones of the rain coming in right before dark.  

More progress reports when I can, and seriously, as soon as I can take them, more pictures.  

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